Whether you are a professional or a complete beginner, navigating the world of hair extensions can be overwhelming. When purchasing extensions, there are many things to consider, from choosing the right Weave to learning how to care for, style, and color your extensions. So, we talked to some great experts in hair extensions, like Lamiese Prior, the founder of Rumor Hair Extensions, and Vivian Kaye, the founder of Kinky, Curly, and Yaki. This hair extension company specializes in textured hair extensions. They offered us insider information on choosing the best hair extensions, regardless of our hair type or daily styling routine. They also told us everything there is to know about choosing hair extensions. Here's everything you need to know.


What Type of Hair Should I Buy?

The very first thing we should know, there are two types of hair extensions; natural and synthetic. Most stylists recommend natural hair because it blends in more easily with your real hair. It is essential to maintain in mind that many companies mix natural and synthetic hair, so always double-check your hair type when purchasing.

When we asked Lammys which she would recommend, natural or synthetic, she told us, "Human hair will always look more natural than synthetic hair because we can heat it with tools and blend it into our hair." We can style easily. Most synthetic hair cannot be heated or styled, and they are only suitable for a short period, so they cost less than natural hair.

If you want natural hair, you have two types of natural hair to choose from, Remy or virgin. Lamiese explains, "Virgin hair is raw and unprocessed hair." And Vivian explains that "Remy's hair is not the same as virgin hair. It's hair that has gone through any process, whether it's color, texture, or any hairstyling."

Most hair stylists prefer virgin hair due to its quality. Yet, Lammie says, "In this industry, hair fashions are constantly changing, and people want to change the hair color/extensions, length and volume of their hair regularly, "If you want to change your hair regularly, we would not suggest it. Although it is the best type in terms of quality, it can also be costly."

Which Type of Extension Attachment Will Work Best for Me?

Once you have decided what type of hair clip you want to buy, you will need to choose which type of attachment will work best for your hair. Clip-in, as the name suggests, has clips attached to it, and these can be easily attached at home (with a bit of practice) to your natural hair and easily unzipped and removed later. And these are sometimes attached to the hair by sewing, taping, or sticking. Lamaise and Vivian explain the pros and cons of wefts and clip-ins, The two most popular options.

Clip-ins -

Pros: Lammies say clip-ins are great for clients who only want to wear hair extensions on special occasions but want to avoid the maintenance of wearing them permanently. They add instant volume and glamour, as well as confidence. Vivian agrees, "Clip-ins are great because they can easily add length or volume to your hair."

Cons: However, Lammies also warns, "If the rows are too heavy if you'll be wearing it every day, it's also going to cause thinning and breakage. Most customers report backcombing, especially where the clips attach." If you're thinking about purchasing clip-ins, check out our guide to fitting clip-ins here.

Suppose you're looking for a quick and easy hair styling option. Vivian recommends a clip-in ponytail. "Vivian thinks they're even easier than clip-ins and weaves. You can wear them every day. You can clip your hair into a bun. You can probably do it in less than five minutes." You can dress up. We love the look below with the Kinky, Curly, Yankee My Coils 24" Drawstring Ponytails, which shows just how easy it is to add a ponytail:

Wefts -

Pros: "The wefts are used for weaving, which is a long-term option. You can wear this style for up to three months with care. You can do a full stitch, which will protect all of your hair, or a partial, which will leave the hair in place to blend in with the hair extensions. Using hair that matches your natural texture is key to creating a seamless, wispy look," explains Vivian. She adds, "Even after you remove the weave, you can still carry weight and be more versatile." Can make wigs for talent."

Lammers agrees, saying in her experience, "Weave is becoming increasingly popular. The great thing about them is that they are the only method of permanent extension that maintains consistent volume from root to tip. A Weave Application Contains no glue and chemicals and is the safest hair extension application method if properly fitted and maintained.

Lamiese told us, "Over the years, I have watched my client's hair grow healthy and improve in condition while wearing a weave. It has always been amazing when clients have their extensions fitted and see their confidence change instantly. They leave with a bounce and a hair flick, and that satisfaction never disappears for me."

Cons:  "Unfortunately, there are so many hair stylists that do not fit this method of hair extensions properly, and that gives the weave a bad reputation," says Lamiese. Another common misconception Lamiese is familiar with hearing is that "People think a weave can be bulky or heavy, but this all depends on the weft top and the application. Like any improperly fitted hair extension method, this method has the potential to make clients uncomfortable and damage their hair.

And there are different types of weaves too. Lamiese says that for her extensions, she uses 100% human hair and prefers to use "double drawn, meaning it maintains its thickness from the top right through to the ends. I decided against single drawn as most of the Dubai clientele want to gain thickness and volume at the bottom of their hair, which single drawn doesn't offer."

What do I Require to Consider When Buying Extensions Online or In-Store?

Vivian Jor says that when buying extensions online, you need to "do your research" because "you get what you pay for." Vivian says the questions you should ask are: "Will your company help us after a purchase? Do they provide good customer service? Are the photos they post really of them?" These are all signs of a good supplier.

As with all beauty buys, it is not only essential to know what is right and what to avoid while buying a product. Lammers warn against buying "hair that's matte, hair that's too thin underneath and doesn't blend [or simply] the wrong color for your hair. All of the above are poor extension quality, poor aftercare, or wrong. It May be due to color matching and fit by the hairstylist.

How Long Should My Extensions Last?

Vivian confirms, "Extensions can last for years. The hair extensions and clips are reusable, and you can sew on the wig cap. However, the wigs I have are at least six years old, and they still hold up.

Lammers also points out that the longevity of your hair extensions is "totally dependent on the client's lifestyle and care routine. Hair extensions need extra TLC because they don't get the oils and your scalp that your hair needs." provides.

It also depends on your routine and the climate in which you live. For example, suppose you live in a hot environment like Dubai. In that case, your extensions will need extra TLC, "Post-hair extension care in Dubai is very important due to the elements here, which include hard water, pools, Sea, humidity, etc. are included. If properly cared for, hair extensions can usually last for about nine to 12 months; however, if the client does not follow the aftercare provided, the hair can last up to four months.

Conclusion :

Although synthetic hair extensions are inexpensive, you can only use them for a short period. But if you are using it for a short time, then it will be right for you. We hope our list has helped you find the one that will work perfectly for you. Based on our research, one hair stop Hair Extensions, Nishhair Hair Extensions, and Diva Divine Super Volume Hair Extensions are our top picks for the best Hair Extensions in India. When making recommendations, we also considered factors such as material, type, quality, appearance, and styling options. Tell us which worked best for you!